Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2646-2

Chen Zekai said: “Yes, the position of the opposition garrison has been determined. it’s during a small mountain town 80 kilometers north of the Syrian capital. The master has opened the border between the 2 countries. once we arrive in Lebanon, we will directly transfer to the opposition by helicopter. The position of the faction.” After

speaking, he said again: “Master, the military capability of the opposition remains very strong. consistent with the news from the Syrian military, they need stationed a minimum of two thousand soldiers during this position. they’re all equipped with automatic weapons, and that they also are equipped with quite a dozen tanks and armored vehicles, and 4 armed helicopters. If we pass helicopter, the opposite party will probably send an armed helicopter on to attack us. i’m afraid that it’ll be difficult to urge on the brink of

Ye Chen for a flash of contemplation. “Then, let Lebanon prepare a fixed-wing aircraft, and therefore the aircraft will take me to the sky above the destination, and that i will parachute down alone .

Chen Zekai blurted out and asked: “Master, you’re getting to

Ye Chen by yourself and said with a smile: “Of course, can it’s the 2 folks who attend

Chen Zekai busy and said: “Master, I mean, we’d better mobilize a gaggle of aid in Lebanon. , I even have asked the matchmaker to contact the mercenary resources in Lebanon, and that i am trying to contact as many mercenaries as possible.”

Ye Chen waved his hand: “The opponent has two thousand soldiers and heavy weapons. this is often basically It’s a regiment configuration. during this case, it doesn’t add up for us to seek out mercenaries.

“If you would like to beat them, a minimum of you’ve got to possess thousands of well-equipped mercenaries, to not mention that since the opponent is stationed during a village , There must be a robust mass base within the local area. If a full-scale war starts, it’d be possible to feature thousands of militiamen with live ammunition. i think that the rationale why the govt forces failed was because they underestimated their military capability and combat potential.

And don’t forget, the aim of our visit this point is to save lots of people, to not wipe out these opposition groups for the Syrian government forces. If we actually bring thousand mercenaries to fight over, this group of individuals won’t be ready to kill them. Kill all those hostages, and albeit they’re all exhausted then, what can we do?”

When Chen Zekai heard this, he couldn’t help asking: “Master, if you sneak in by yourself, wouldn’t it’s more dangerous? Also, albeit you’ll sneak in, how are you able to rescue people then?”

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