Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2646-1

Chapter 2646

He Yuanjiang didn’t know Ye Chen’s plan.

When he heard that Ye Chen planned to use money to unravel the matter , he was a touch relieved.

Originally, he hoped that the U.S. Embassy would be ready to redeem people, but the U.S. Embassy’s attitude was very tough and didn’t give the opposition any room for negotiation. Elite update m.jyyxs

now, Ye Chen is willing to buy the ransom of the US embassy. He feels that when the core demands of the opposition are met, they’re going to naturally honor their promises.

So he gratefully said to Ye Chen: “Ye Chen, I’m all up to you.

Ye Chen smiled slightly and said: “Uncle He, don’t be concerned , the plane is close to begin , so I won’t tell you. “

He Yuanjiang quickly said:” Ok, uncle, etc. that you simply will come

to hold up the phone, Ye Chen has been seated within the Concorde, he and Chen Zekai under remind the crew, the safety belt on, followed, the aircraft are going to be within the end of the runway sprinted into the air with all its strength.

the most important feature of the Concorde airliner is that it flies fast and high. Its cruising altitude has reached an astonishing 18,000 meters.

After the aircraft climbed to a predetermined altitude in one breath, it began to enter supersonic cruise.

Ye Chen has been lying leaning against the comfortable first-class seat together with his eyes closed and rested. Chen Zekai on the side seems a touch excited. While holding his mobile and using the expensive satellite network to speak with others, he’s holding a pen and writing during a small notebook. Constantly write and draw on the location .

Halfway through the voyage, Ye Chen opened his eyes, checked out him, and asked curiously: “

Old Chen, what are you painting there? Chen Zekai hurriedly said: “Master, master gave me the contact information of the Lebanese docking person, I I communicated with the opposite party and learned some more specific situations. Now i’m checking out the resources we’d like to use.

Ye Chen asked him: “Is there any new specific information?

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