Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2644-2

“I have expressed my opinion.” He Yuanjiang sighed and said: “Their spokesperson strongly condemned the actions of the opposition, and that they said that they might not accept the threat of the opposition, and demand that the opposition must release the hostages, otherwise they’re going to be addressed . Launching military revenge

Ye Chen couldn’t help being solemn, and said: “If this is often the case, it’s likely to anger the opponent.

“Yes.” He Yuanjiang gritted his teeth: “My friend knows the people within the US embassy. they really don’t care about the life and death of those eight children .

” and that they aren’t willing to pay the ransom in the least , because they need made many enemies within the Middle East these years. this point we compromised, I don’t skills many of us will imitate , in order that they want to stop such things from sending it again.”

Speaking of this, He Yuanjiang choked and said: “The opposition is additionally very angry with the US embassy. They told the US side. Six hours later, six hours later, one was executed every half an hour. Zhiqiu was afraid that it might be

regrettable this point . Ye Chen hurriedly comforted: “Uncle He, don’t be concerned about it.”

He Yuanjiang cried bitterly, “Hey. , How am i able to not worry that what i’m worried about is close to have a attack

” and that i really regret that I regretted that Zhiqiu was born within the us at the time. She was born within the us , so it had been naturally finished her at that point . For naturalization, if she may be a Chinese national, there must be a transfer this point .

It’s a pity that she and her classmates and friends are all American

Ye Chen and said hurriedly: “Uncle He, don’t worry, let’s do not be so pessimistic, i will be able to depart for Syria directly , and that i will certainly find how to rescue your daughter. you’re reception and await the great news from me.

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