Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2644-1

Chapter 2644

A few minutes later, Ye Chen’s helicopter received Jinling Airport.

At the top of the airport runway, the Concorde plane was parked just .

The pilot said at this time: “Master, President Chen, the airport has reported that the Concorde is prepared to require off. Let’s land directly next to the Concorde, then board and begin immediately.” Elite fastest update m.jyyxs

“Okay.” “Ye Chen nodded, he realized more and more the explanations for the success of the large family, and an outsized a part of it had been the guarantee behind the success.

Ordinary people want to travel to Syria, consistent with the traditional route, from the instant of boarding, it takes a minimum of 24 hours.

However, with such an entire network , the time to arrive in Syria are often almost reduced to 6 hours.

The difference of eighteen hours usually doesn’t seem to be an enormous deal. it’s nothing quite the difference between a airplane ticket and a green-skin railroad ticket , but within the face of extremely important events, these eighteen hours are often done. There are too many things and too many results which will be changed.

because the helicopter descended, Ye Chen suddenly received a call from He Yuanjiang. As soon because the call was made, He Yuanjiang said during a panic: “Ye Chen

knows that something went on to Qiu .” Ye Chen asked hurriedly, “Uncle He, don’t you .” i used to be anxious and said slowly, knowing what happened to

Qiu. He Yuanjiang blurted out: “I just received a message from an area friend that the govt army’s operation failed today. The troops they sent were encircled and killed by the opposition. Over thousand people and nearly 100 were captured. Among them are eight American youths including Zhiqiu.

“What?” Ye Chen suddenly exclaimed: is that the news confirmed?

He Yuanjiang said nervously, “It has been confirmed now. Government forces are preparing to launch a military retaliation, but the opposition has let it’s to the govt forces and therefore the US embassy, asked the US embassy to pay $ 80 million ransom, otherwise, we’ll build them Zhiqiu eight people were killed

Ye Chen busy Q: “Did the US embassy state its position?

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