Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2643-2

“Follow me.” Ye Chen frowned and said, “No. I can

handle this trouble myself. Chen Zekai blurted out: “No way, master, you visited Syria, and you’re not conversant in the place where you’re born. Although your strength is unmatched, I still hope to be ready to stand by your side. , just in case young grandma calls you, I can a minimum of assist you with a lie.

Seeing Chen Zekai’s insistence, Ye Chen didn’t refuse, and

said: “Okay , let’s go together. Chen Zekai was overjoyed, and hurriedly sat down beside Ye Chen, and said to the crew: “Take off the

helicopter and immediately climb towards Jinling. Speeding away within the direction of the airport.

Twenty minutes later, when the helicopter was but ten kilometers faraway from the airport, Ye Chen saw a slender white passenger plane within the sky above him, swiftly passing by.

Unlike the arc-shaped front face of a standard passenger plane, the nose of this plane may be a very sharp cone, and therefore the wing isn’t within the shape of two open wings, but a triangular wing that’s rearward. the form of this delta wing is that the quite design style that’s extremely speedy.

Chen Zekai on the side also saw the plane and said excitedly: “Look, my master, that’s the Concorde. It seems that this plane is

closer to 400 kilometers per hour than when the Concorde approached us first . it is a lot faster, so he has already left the helicopter behind within the blink of an eye fixed .

Ye Chen checked out this sci-fi-like plane, and couldn’t help feeling in his heart. i actually didn’t expect it to seem so advanced. There are dozens of planes. the merchandise of years ago.

What made him even more sighed is that the facility of capital is indeed extremely powerful. the value of this aircraft is extremely high, and therefore the cost of modification and maintenance is higher. the value of raising it’s faster than burning money, if not Really nobody can afford such expensive things during a large family with assets of quite one trillion yuan.

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