Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2643-1

Chapter 2643

When Ye Chen said that he was getting to the airport, Chen Zekai subconsciously said, “Master, go to

Ye Chen now and blurt : “If you do not go now, you’ll need to await a plane to require off. i will be able to reach Jinling Airport in additional than 20 minutes. Helicopter If you progress a touch bit slower, the Concorde could also be the primary to arrive. Elite fastest update m.jyyxs

Chen Zekai they recovered, embarrassing ridicule and said:. “Right right right, forget it Concorde flying too fast, wait a flash , I’ll arrange a helicopter able to begin ,”

said then , Chen Zekai picked up the walkie-talkie on the table and blurted out: “The helicopter crew prepares immediately and flies to Jinling Airport in five minutes.”

Soon, Ye Chen heard the helicopter engine start sound from the roof.

Chen Zekai hurriedly said: “Master, you’ll depart .”

“Okay” Ye Chen stood up without hesitation, and stepped out of Chen Zekai’s office.

Chen Zekai’s office itself is on the highest floor, and therefore the helipad on the highest of the building is directly above his office. At the doorway of his office, there’s a special elevator which will rise on to the highest of the building.

Under the leadership of Chen Zekai, Ye Chen took a special elevator to the highest of the building. The helicopter had started at this point and was able to begin at any time.

A crewman opened the door of the helicopter, stood aside respectfully, and Ye Chen progressed without hesitation. Going up, I didn’t expect Chen Zekai to follow up.

Ye Chen said, “

Old Chen, you do not got to send me off. Chen Zekai said hurriedly: “Master, i’m not getting to send you off, i’m getting to accompany you.

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