Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2642-2

Hearing Chen Zekai’s name, Xiao Churan exclaimed: “Damn, this Chen Zekai is claimed to be particularly powerful. Even the Song family has got to give him a touch of face. When did he become your old customer?

Ye Chen deliberately lowered his voice. With a smile: Don’t all the rich people in Jinling believe principle , i used to be a touch famous before, numerous rich people came here.”

Then, he said: “Wife, wait a moment , i will be able to let Chen I always tell you a couple of words.

Xiao Churan hurriedly said : “No, no, husband, I just ask, no other meaning. TV debut @@@

Ye Chen smiled and said: “

My husband didn’t mean anything , just to allow you to rest assured. then , he said to Chen Zekai: “Mr Chen, please ask my wife. “

Chen Zekai hurried over and said seriously: “Mrs. Ye, this is often Chen Zekai. Master Ye will accompany me this point . I hope you do not mind. “

Xiao Churan said hurriedly: “If you do not , you won’t, I hope you all go well. “

Ye Chen said at this time: “My wife, we are able to depart immediately, so I won’t tell you. “

Xiao Churan said hurriedly, “Then you want to concentrate to safety once you leave , and remember to eat time.”

Ye Chen smiled and said: “Don’t worry, i will be able to lookout of myself.”

Xiao Churan reluctantly said:

“Then you go, i will be able to still work, and are available back soon.

“Okay.” “

Ye Chen also hung up the phone with some dismay, then immediately said to Chen Zekai: “Arrange a helicopter, I’m getting to the airport.”

ps: I wish you all a cheerful Chinese New Year , healthiness and a cheerful family

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