Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2642-1

Chapter 2642

Xiao Churan couldn’t help but ask him during a low voice, “Husband, can this project be dropped? you’ll have your birthday during a few days. i actually don’t need you to be like before.”

Ye Chen was moved in his heart and said softly. : “Good wife, to be honest, i do not want to travel out this point , but this point i used to be trying to find an old customer, and that i really can’t escape . The elite update m.jyyxs

said this, he gave a small meal and continued:” Wife, otherwise, I promise you that after this order is finished, i will be able to not accept new orders within the next month.”

Ye Chen promised for a month because it’ll be Ching Ming Festival after almost a month. i will be able to attend Yanjing to participate within the worship ceremony at that point , and that i will certainly need to inform Xiao Churan with the rationale of principle .

Xiao Churan on the phone, once I heard Ye Chen said that he wouldn’t obey for a month after he came back , The mood finally eased tons , and his tone was a touch bit coquettish. He said, “This is what you said. If you dare to travel out and show others principle within the next month, then i will be able to As soon as

Ye Chen heard this, he immediately agreed without hesitation, and blurted out: “My wife can rest assured that i will be able to be

satisfied with Xiao Churan, and asked him: “When will you allow

Ye Chen? Said: “I will depart directly during a while.”

Xiao Churan asked in astonishment: “Why are you so anxious? i assumed you were getting to leave tomorrow.

Ye Chen explained: “The sellers of other villas contacted several at an equivalent time. The buyer, because the worth is comparatively cheap, so whoever makes the primary move will attend the customer , so this old customer is so anxious and needs me to travel with him today.

Xiao Churan asked curiously: “What client, male and female?”

After she finished speaking, she felt that her question was a touch inappropriate, and hurriedly explained: “Ye Chen, I just asked casually, no other meaning. Ah, if you do not want to mention it

, then forget it.” Ye Chen smiled and said, “It’s a male client. he’s quite famous. he’s the overall manager of our Buckingham Palace Hotel, Chen Zekai.”

Xiao Churan naturally heard of Chen Zekai’s name.

However, she only knew that Chen Zekai was the overall manager of Buckingham Palace , which Chen Zekai was very influential in Jinling, but she didn’t know truth background of Chen Zekai.

So Ye Chen wasn’t afraid to use Chen Zekai as a canopy .

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