Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2641-2

At this point , Xiao Churan was still during a meeting within the Emgrand Group.

within the recent period, quite half her working hours are within the Emgrand Group.

Because many plans need to be docked with the representatives of Emgrand Group, once there’s needing , the plans must be adjusted in time.

Emgrand Group itself is that the largest land development group in Jinling, and its requirements for project partners have always been very demanding.

Moreover, within the Emgrand Group, aside from Wang Dongxue who knew that Xiao Churan’s true identity was the wife of the chairman, everyone else didn’t know this.

Therefore, within the eyes of those people, Xiao Churan won the bid for the cooperation of the Emgrand Group, and that they naturally need to strictly demand the partners.

Xiao Churan received Ye Chen’s call and hurried to the toilet . After answering the decision , Xiao Churan asked: “Husband, why are you calling me at this time?

Ye Chen was a touch entangled.

actually , he did not have a final resort. i do not want to lie and deceive Xiao Churan.

But this type of thing, i can not tell the reality to her anyway.

Not only is that the situation in Syria extremely dangerous within the eyes of ordinary people, but the rationale for getting to Syria is just not understood.

If you tell her that the kid of the mother’s former classmate are going to be in peril in Syria, then many of the questions involved can’t be answered in the least . For

example, who is my mother’s classmate and who

’s the classmate’s child? there’s an accident in Syria. What am i able to do if i’m going alone with my bare hands? Besides, I don’t even have an immediate plane. How to go.

Sometimes, if you select to inform the reality , you’ve got to tug out the carrots and remove the mud and confess all the key information. Otherwise, it might be more appropriate to fabricate a false reason.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen had no choice but to say: “Wife, this is often the case. I even have a client who wants to ask me to travel out of town to point out principle to a house. He just happened to possess a flowery second-hand villa that others are desperately selling. If I If there’s nothing wrong with principle , he bought it directly.

Xiao Churan asked him: “How long will i’m going to a different place?”

Ye Chen thought for a short time and said, “If it’s fast, you’ll come tomorrow; but if it’s slow, it’s going to take three or two days.

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