Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2641-1

Chapter 2641

In Ye Zhongquan’s eyes, Ye Chen was a typical sweet pastry.

Leaving aside Ye Chen’s so powerful and strange strength, the wedding contract between Ye Chen and Gu Qiuyi and therefore the firm attitude of the Gu family willing to abide by the wedding contract made Ye Zhongquan anticipate to Ye Chen’s official return to the Ye family.

the cash earned from trading is earned by accumulating one point and one point, but if you create money by marrying a wife, you’ll add tens or maybe many billions of property overnight.

Gu Yanzhong only features a daughter like Gu Qiuyi, so everyone knows that when someone marries Gu Qiuyi, he will inherit the whole Gu family.

Ye Zhongquan wanted to surpass the Su family way back . If Ye Chen really took Gu Qiuyi into his bag, then the great strength of the Ye family would surely surpass the Su family by an enormous margin.

Moreover, now the Su family has suffered successive blows. If Ye Chen can match up and let Ye family and Gu family work together to affect the Su family, then it’s very likely to tug the Su family down from the primary place and step on to third. Name go.

When the time comes, the Ye family is that the first, the Gu family is second, and therefore the Gu family is nearly adequate to the Ye family. that’s really the time for the Ye family to rebuild its glory.

Therefore, Ye Zhongquan are going to be tolerant to Ye Chen in every way, and Ye Chen will use it. He can only give his Concorde; if Ye Chen wants him to assist enter Syria, he can only help.

So he immediately mobilized resources and made arrangements, then told Ye Chen: “Chen’er, I even have arranged. The plane will begin from Yanjing in ten minutes and can land at Jinling Airport in half an hour after takeoff. you’ll directly Boarding at Jinling Airport and flying non-stop to Lebanon.”

Ye Chen was relieved after hearing this.

Although the matter of getting to Syria was too hasty, and there’s no news that He Zhiqiu has confirmed that something happened, Ye Chen still felt that he had to travel .

it had been just that Ye Chen was close to leave for Syria suddenly, and Ye Chen didn’t skills to elucidate to Xiao Churan.

After much deliberation, I could only use the old rhetoric of showing customers principle , and called Xiao Churan.

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