Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2636-2

He Yuanjiang nodded in agreement, and said: “What you said is sensible , then i will be able

to pay more attention to the local news. I even have some media friends who are on the brink

of one another , and that they can speak well in major media companies. Major media should

have war reporters and news networks. I asked them to assist me follow first-hand information.

Ye Chen hurriedly said: “If there’s any news, you ought to tell me as soon as possible.


Ye Chen checked out the time and said: “Uncle He, return to high school , and i am leaving


He Yuanjiang pointed to the old man lying on the bottom and crying within the distance, and

said with some sympathy: “What will this old man do?

Ye Chen said helplessly, “I can not help him. He has no son in his life. i can not give him

anything. Let him digest this

matter slowly. He Yuanjiang sighed helplessly and said, “That’s OK, then I’ll leave first. We

must also confine touch today, regardless of who is there. What information was exchanged for

the primary time.”

“No problem. After

watching He Yuanjiang cross the road, Ye Chen couldn’t help but sighed, and muttered sadly:

“I always think that He Zhiqiu’s accident is imminent, and there’s not much time left for her.

But how do I save her? I don’t know where she is, and the way am i able to attend Syria.

” “You know, the war situation in Syria is just too turbulent. there’s no flight to any city

within the country. The plane of this country.

“There is even news on the web that Syria’s civil aviation system has already been completely

stopped. Maybe you’ve got to fly to a neighboring country first, then find how to enter the

country by land.

” therein case, it’ll take a minimum of 24 hours on the road. Over hours, if there’s any

danger, there’s no time to react at this point .

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