Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2636-1

Chapter 2636

After speaking, he completely collapsed and lay on the bottom all of a sudden, crying loudly.

He Yuanjiang was also stunned . The elite update m.jyyxs the fastest.

He always thought that Ye Chen was deliberately angry with the old man, but he didn’t expect

Ye Chen to mention something to him.

He hurriedly asked Ye Chen: “What’s wrong with

Ye Chen ? Ye Chen shrugged helplessly: “That’s how it’s , judging from his face and hexagram,

he shouldn’t have anything. Son, he happened to possess three more within the end, which was

obviously wrong, but now the case has been solved, he doesn’t have a son.

He Yuanjiang couldn’t help asking, “Is it true that you simply can tell the reality so

accurately? this is often amazing.”

Ye Chen stood up, and while pulling He Yuanjiang away, he whispered: “Uncle He, in fact, i

used to be just . I deliberately teased him. I didn’t expect that my crow’s mouth was even


“Ah” He Yuanjiang said dumbfounded, “This also can be said.”

Ye Chen laughed and said: “What’s wrong with the blind cat and therefore the dead mouse It’s


He Yuanjiang asked again: “Then what he said just about the difficult things within the


Ye Chen waved his hand: “That’s all he’s talking nonsense, so don’t be concerned about it in

the least .

He Yuanjiang breathed a sigh of relief when he heard this.

He also found that the old fortune-telling man was indeed an enormous fool.

Therefore, the strain in his heart was immediately relieved tons .

Ye Chen remembered the hexagram he had just made, and said to He Yuanjiang: “Uncle He, if

you’ve got time within the afternoon, pay more attention to the news about things in Syria.

Zhiqiu joined the govt forces in military operations, so I i think their safety is

additionally guaranteed. If there are any accidents, there should be some relevant clues

within the news.

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