Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2635-2

What the fuck What a tragedy on earth. The

boss isn’t his own, and therefore the second child isn’t

broken. At an equivalent time he thought of the youngest son, he couldn’t help but call

another call. As

soon because the other party connected, he asked: “The third child, what blood group are you?

does one know the

younger son asked in amazement: “Dad, this is often what you call a sports car. Recently, I

even have not allowed to drive to form calls, and therefore the camera is taking pictures

everywhere. The

old man blurted out: “You can tell my

younger son who is puzzled. “Dad, you call to ask this why the

old man scolded: “You fucking such a lot nonsense, I can ask you what you answer, can’t you

answer anything? The

younger son hurriedly said: “Okay, i’m ab type blood. Isn’t it an equivalent as you? I

inherited you.” The

old man was anxious and almost fell to the bottom .

The youngest son said at this time: Dad, the teacher from Ascendas School called and said

that this bear kid couldn’t continue together with his grades altogether subjects. He asked me

to report back to him for the training class. I just calculated it. The registration fee alone

costs quite 3,000. are you able to give him the

old man’s gritted teeth and said: “I’ll give him a leg to grandma”

After finishing speaking, he smashed the phone to the bottom and smashed it to pieces, then

burst into tears.

He never dreamed that none of his three sons actually belonged to him.

He couldn’t help holding his face in pain: “What quite sin did I even have committed? I even

have been exhausted in my life to boost sons and grandchildren for others

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