Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2635-1

Chapter 2635

The fortune-telling old man didn’t expect that even He Yuanjiang, a mild man , would come to

sing against him, and immediately said with a touch irritation: “You don’t mention science

with Lao Tzu. What science is science. Have the essential sense . This dragon gives birth to

dragons and phoenixes. Rats give birth to holes. I even have blood group ab, and a son with

blood group ab. Is there a drag with it?” The elite update is that the fastest,

He Yuanjiang said helplessly, “Mr. you actually need to believe science. Although i’m not

studying medicine or biology, i’m a university professor anyway. this is often some basic

sense . The

old man became a touch panicked when He Yuanjiang said he was a university professor.

He saw He Yuanjiang isn’t sort of a liar, so he felt that something was fucking wrong.

So he subconsciously asked: “Since you’re a professor, are you able to inform me why my son

cannot be ab blood type?

He Yuanjiang seriously said: “If you actually mention the principle, it’s really not clear

during a few words, but you’ll check it on the web . The

old man quickly took out a different-brand mobile with an enormous screen and worked hard for

an extended time. Then I saw that his expression was dumbfounded.

He did find the relevant results. On the

Internet, all the statements were an equivalent as He Yuanjiang’s statement. Parents with

blood group ab and blood group 0 can only give birth to A blood. Or a toddler with blood group

b will never give birth to blood group o and blood group ab.

this suggests that his eldest son is by no means his own, and when he thinks of this, he

almost spit out old blood

, he He picked up the phone during a panic, called the second son, and asked directly:

“Second, does one know what blood group you are?

His second son was surprised and said: “I commit it to memory is O type, it seems to be said.

it is the same as my mother. The

“O-shaped” old man immediately felt like he was struck by lightning, and he blurted out and

asked, “Are you sure you remembered it wrong?”

“That’s right.” The second son said: “Why don’t you steal the cable last time and let people

be caught? The blood group test performed by the prison before entering the prison service

must be registered within the file. The

old man’s eyes suddenly blacked out.

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