Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2634-2

After speaking, Ye Chen checked out him. Seriously ask: “Do your sons and daughters appear as

if you?

The old man was stunned.

Ye Chen’s words poke a knot in his heart that has been haunting his heart for therefore a few

years .

that’s , none of his six children appear as if him.

Ye Chen continued: “This hexagram also says that you simply can see the blue through the

clouds within the near future. i think it should say this. The

old man said angrily: “Do n’t talk nonsense here, you’re so young. i counsel you to plot

points discreet

Ye Chen waved his hand:. “I’m not funny bored child with you, I’m telling the reality ,”

he finished, Ye Chen asked him: “do you recognize what blood group do

” me “old man He blurted out: “I am an ab type

Ye Chen asked again: “

What about your wife ?” The old man said, “My wife is an o type, what does one want to say?

Ye Chen asked again: “Then you recognize which of your six children Personal blood type? The

old man continued: “My eldest son is additionally ab, just follow me, what is the matter

this point , Ye Chen hasn’t spoken yet, He Yuanjiang on the side is shocked and said: “Your

wife is blood group 0, you’re ab blood group , your eldest son is additionally blood group ab.

“Yes.” The old man snorted coldly: “The blood group is that the same as mine.

He must be my very own , He Yuanjiang said embarrassingly: “From the blood group genetic law

of science, AB People with blood and sort 0 blood will only give birth to A blood or B blood.

it’s impossible to offer birth to type 0 blood or AB blood.”


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