Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2634-1

Chapter 2634

On weekdays, his stomach filled with bitterness didn’t dare to pour out, and he had to pretend

to deceive others by pretending to be an outsider, but now he was brutally pierced by a young

man, which immediately made him angry.

He didn’t think that Ye Chen really had any abilities to guage . He felt that Ye Chen

deliberately wanted to ruin his business, and also wanted to require the chance to ridicule

his elite’s quickest update.

So he immediately snorted and said disdainfully: ” Humph, it’s a joke that the old man has

toiled all his life. to inform you the reality , the old man has achieved financial freedom

when he was young, and that i have already had tons of youngsters and grandchildren, so I can

fully enjoy the blessings of individuals and family reception . Zhile, the rationale why he

came out for fortune-telling at such an adulthood is simply to save lots of sentient beings.”


that, he checked out He Yuanjiang, but said during a little bit of sullenness: “You take this

brazen young man and let me go. I wanted to assist , but it seems that you simply and that i

really haven’t any chance. So please roll in the hay yourself.

He Yuanjiang was a touch anxious, lowered his voice and said to Ye Chen: “Ye Chen, we might

rather believe this type of thing, not believe it. No, and to be honest, 5000 yuan isn’t an

enormous deal, albeit it’s a peace of mind.

Ye Chen waved his hand, checked out the old man, and said with a smile: “I see that your

cheeks are thin and therefore the person is full. you do not appear as if a blessed person,

and your forehead shape is dissatisfied. this is often a typical young man. Even within the

face of childlessness, you say that your children are in groups, and there are many

descendants. How could this be possible? The

old man snorted coldly: “Boy, you’re inferior to humans. have you ever begun to interact in

personal attacks? The old man has three sons and three daughters. There are 13 grandchildren

and granddaughters together. It’s unreasonable for you to mention that I even have little kids

and no children.

Ye Chen smiled: “Don’t worry, i will be able to offer you the fortune. After

that, he grabbed the five coins. , Threw it out again.

Afterwards, Ye Chen checked out the position, positive and negative of the coins, and said

lightly: “It is shown within the hexagram that you simply are destined to be a lone star, and

you’re destined to possess no queen.”

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