Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2633-2

In other words, they’re several people, the military is there to guard , and if He Zhiqiu

life is in peril , which it should indicate, government forces this action are going to be a

high probability failed, then dragged to celebrate their Zhiqiu

so, I Pay more attention to things in Syria and therefore the news, and see if there’s any

news about the failure of state forces within the coming time.

Just when Ye Chen was filled with sadness, the owner of the fortune-telling booth opposite

said sarcastically: “Young man, why are you not talking? Did you fail to know what this

hexagram represents or is it in your mind? wondering for a short time how it fooled us

saying, he sneered: “Oh, I tell you the reality , if you are doing not roll a touch further

on, don’t delay I give people solve problems

Ye Chen was very proud to ascertain his face, but also among the countenance With the

expression of a villain, he said coldly: I didn’t want to waste time with you, but since

you’re obsessed, then i will be able to waste a couple of minutes to speak to you. i feel

you’re poor and destined to be a lifetime of diligence , And it’s destined to be difficult. an

individual such as you , aside from being cheated and kidnapped, can’t have any real skills,

and his adulthood must be exceptionally miserable.

Therefore, I still advise you to not slander and deceive all day long. At such an adulthood ,

finding a stable and formal job also can prevent from the hardship of hunger and cold within

the future. “The

old man didn’t expect that he saw Ye Chen’s jokes, but Ye Chen successively taunted himself.

More importantly, this guy was really right.

He did suffer tons in his life.

this is often mainly because , When he was young, he had a low-handedness, a high-handedness,

a nasty mentality, and spent a couple of years in prison.

Therefore, there’s almost no work he can do for an extended time. There

is not any long-term work, including accumulation, so he does this In his life, there was

almost no accomplishment.

Not only did he waste his whole life, but his children also had nothing to try to to with


Now all of them have married, but they’re all living in poverty.

At such an age, he still has got to begin to be kidnapped, on the one hand to support himself

and his wife and youngsters , on the opposite hand, he also hopes to offer his children a

touch subsidy.

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