Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2633-1

chapter 2633

From the attitude of the hexagrams, He Zhiqiu almost died nine years ago, and therefore the

only life is in Jinling.

Ye Chen suddenly realized that He Zhiqiu’s life must roll in the hay him.

apart from myself, i’m afraid that nobody can save her. The elite update is that the fastest.

Moreover, it seems that He Zhiqiu seems to possess been enveloped in peril from now on.

Furthermore, her life is on her own body, if she doesn’t save He Zhiqiu, she

are going to be saved from death , or not, Ye Chen hardly hesitated.

Ye Chen had already decided to save lots of her just when he discovered that He Zhiqiu’s life

was within the middle of his body.

Although Ye Chen had never seen He Zhiqiu, and had no friendship together with her , Ye Chen

still had two reasons to save lots of her.

the primary reason is that I now want to chop into the large market of ocean transportation

as soon as possible. He Zhiqiu is that the best candidate. If she will come and help herself,

her father He Yuanjiang will definitely assist her. therein case, this The business is

essentially stable; the

second reason is that He Yuanjiang was a lover and classmate of his mother before his death,

and after his parents had an accident, he took tons of effort to seek out himself, and he only

had a daughter, He Zhiqiu, so he just watched At this level, you cannot help yourself.

However, Ye Chen was a touch worried. She

are often saved, but how can

she be saved? in any case , she is in Syria, and she or he doesn’t know exactly where she is

in Syria.

Although the hexagram image can calculate the approximate position, the accuracy of finding

an individual remains much worse. the likelihood of checking out exactly where she is by

fortune-telling is nearly zero.

Thinking of this, Ye Chen flashed a thought: “He Zhiqiu this point , I followed the Syrian

government forces to participate in military operations

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