Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2632-1

Chapter 2632

Afterwards, he untied the red string, held the five copper coins in his palms and shook for a flash , and said coldly, “Boy, take an honest look!

After speaking, he threw the five coins out and stared at the coins on the bottom again with a glance Shocked and said: This hexagram shows that your daughter is sure to have a disaster of blood and lightweight within the near future. If you are doing not intervene in time, i’m afraid that it’ll become a disaster!

He Yuanjiang became anxious when he heard this, and therefore the disaster? “Old gentleman, please save my daughter anyway!

Ye Chen was a touch puzzled at this point .

The five emperor coins thrown out by the old man were indeed five genuine ancient coins, but the message conveyed by the hexagrams meant watching flowers within the fog and fog.

the rationale why this type of hexagram appears isn’t because the prospects of the target person are confusing, but because the extent of the divination person is basically limited. due to the limited level, he can only see the flower within the fog. to place it plainly, this hexagram tells him seven words: You can’t know it in the least .

Obviously, it’s a hexagram that can’t understand anything, but it happens to mention that others are affected by blood and lightweight . it’s obvious that it’s deliberately frightening people and eager to cash in of it.

Therefore, Ye Chen can basically make certain that this old guy may be a liar, and at the best he has learned a touch little bit of fur.

At his level, if it’s placed within the medical field, it’s like just learning the way to distinguish between the front and therefore the back of X-rays. Other medical knowledge-I don’t know it .

Therefore, his fortune-telling at this level is totally deceitful.

Therefore, Ye Chen pretended to be surprised and said: “Just by throwing these 5 copper coins on the bottom , are you able to find out an individual’s future good or bad?”

“That’s natural!” The old man said with a proud face: “I have the power to find out . After fifty years, I even have already been so prosperous!”


Ye Chen curled his lips: “I do not believe it, let me attempt to

finish. Before the old man agrees, I just grabbed the five copper coins one by one.

Then, he thought of He Yuanjiang and his daughter in his heart, then thought of the records of the divination of copper coins within the Nine Profound Heaven Scriptures, and after a flash of meditation, he threw five copper coins out.

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