Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2632-2

The old man saw that he was serious, and he turned his lips in disdain, and said, “Do you recognize that there’s an idiom called Dong Shi Xiaoying? you’re sort of a real one, this hexagram looks like you’ll understand a six!”

Ye Chen ignored him His cynicism, all his attention was focused on these five copper coins.

These five copper coins had an enormous amount of data in his eyes.

First of all, the general hexagram is that the main evil, and it’s extremely cruel, almost mortal.

In other words, He Zhiqiu not only features a great probability of life in peril , but also has the likelihood of tragic death.

Secondly, the azimuth sword of this hexagram is pointing to the west, and there’s almost no deviation;

that’s to mention , He Zhiqiu must be within the west of Jinling;

Syria is within the Middle East and West Asia, and it happens to be almost within the same dimension because the province where Jinling is found . Above, the hexagram image is shown within the west here, which suggests that He Zhiqiu’s current dimension doesn’t deviate from Ye Chen’s position!

Finally, the hexagram image as an entire seems like a mortal game, but it remains. the sole birthplace, which birthplace is here!

He immediately took out his mobile and searched the latitude and longitude of Syria and Jinling on the program , and located that Syria’s land was between 32 degrees 20 minutes north latitude and 37 degrees, and Jinling happened to be. Between 31 and 32 degrees and 37 minutes north latitude! In

other words, He Zhiqiu’s current latitude is within the range of 32 degrees 20 minutes and 37 minutes north latitude!

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