Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2631-2

As a result, he would still scan the QR code to pay almost stupidly .

Ye Chen suddenly said at this moment: “Old sir, it doesn’t matter if money isn’t money, but before you collect the cash , do you have to tell us about the precise situation first, or what quite method are you getting to use to assist crack? , in order that we all know the way to spend money. The

old man didn’t expect Ye Chen to return out halfway to disturb his good deeds at this point , so he sneered and said: “A young poster, dare to doubt my skills?

Ye Chen waved his hand: “I don’t dare not, I don’t doubt you, I just want to form it clear. this is often an equivalent as repairing a car. Although we don’t skills to repair it, but where is it broken, what parts got to be replaced? Tell us first.

” The old man sneered, “Hmph! I even have how to urge obviate this predicament. I can use the Five Emperors’ money to divination, determine the precise crisis his daughter is facing, and use magic charms to interrupt the ban. , you’ll even use Taishang Laojun to rescue her during a hurry sort of a law. Each solution consumes different energy, and therefore the corresponding price is additionally different.

Ye Chen smiled and nodded.

He remembered that there have been also records about divination within the Nine Profound Heavenly Scriptures, which did use ancient coins for divination, but the records didn’t say that the five emperors money should be used, but that the important ancient coins should be used. and therefore the older the effect, the higher .

As for the idea of the Five Emperors Money, it only emerged in times . They often ask the coins of the Qin, Han, Tang, Song and Ming Dynasties because the Five Emperors Money. Although the author of the Jiu Xuan Tian Jing is nowhere to be tested, it’s judged supported the age of the porcelain vase at that point . This book was also written by the Tang at the newest , and therefore the earliest version of the Five Emperors’ Money had to return from Ming Chao, therefore the ancient coin divination method recorded in it should be much before the Five Emperors’ method, and it can even be said. it’s the ancestor of the five emperor money theory.

Therefore, Ye Chen deliberately asked him: “What are you able to divination with the five emperor’s money? alternatively , you divination first, if your divination is sweet , i will be able to offer you ten thousand! The

old man immediately said: “Okay! Then I Just allow you to see and see! in any case

, he took out a string of copper coins from his pocket, on which were hanging five coins of various dynasties.

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