Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2631-1

Chapter 2631

“Everything isn’t good? When

He Yuanjiang heard these four words, he subconsciously asked: “Excuse me, what does this mean?! The

old man asked with a glance of disgust: “Have you ever fortuned out? What does one mean by these words? Don’t you know? It’s not good for anything!

He said, he continued very seriously: “That is to mention , if you get this lottery, what does one ask, what’s unlucky! If you ask about the connection between husband and wife, it indicates If you ask about career money, it means you’ll surely fight; if you ask about your fortune, then it indicates that you simply will surely fall apart; if you ask about the security of your loved ones, it indicates that the opposite party will certainly encounter major disasters , Even during a catastrophe!

“What?!” He Yuanjiang was anxious after hearing these words, and asked nervously:

“Old gentleman, does one have any thanks to resolve my daughter’s disaster?! “This” the old man sighed with emotion.

Said : “If you draw another sign, i’d be ready to consider something, but if you draw this one, it means this matter is just too difficult! thereupon , he changed the front and again Said: “But if i’m going all out and break the sport , there should be a ray of life!

He Yuanjiang has been completely disrupted by the opposite party at this point . All he cares about is that the safety of his daughter. As for the books he has read for therefore a few years . , The knowledge he has learned, has no effect in the least .

His face is filled with nervousness and eagerness to ask: “

Old sir, i urge you to help!” The old man saw him. He took the bait and chuckled lightly. “Since you’re so sincere, then i will be able to provides it a try, but breaking this predicament will cost me an excessive amount of , so you’ve got to rejoice at five thousand yuan this point , so I can see you. Sincere and not sincere.

He Yuanjiang doesn’t care about five thousand yuan in the least . If spending five thousand yuan can increase the probability of his daughter’s safe return by one ten thousandth, then he’s willing to try to to his best to form up ten thousand five thousand yuan to exchange for his daughter’s safety.

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