Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2630-2

He Yuanjiang opened his eyes, quickly picked up the bamboo sticks, looked down at the words thereon , and said Said: “I heard that tonight is Shangyuan, and therefore the silver lamp is shining within the sky; there was a gust of wind and rain for no reason, and therefore the Wanjia lamp went out. What does it mean?” The

old man smiled slightly and said inexplicably, “This is that the Che Gongling. Sign the 32nd lottery. If you would like to cancel the lottery, please welcome five hundred yuan, which may be considered as a blessing.

When Ye Chen heard this, he concluded that the old man was a liar.

posing for fortune-telling may be a Taoist philosophy. As for randomness or blessing, this is often the Buddhist saying.

it’s impossible for a Dao Sect disciple to mention words like rejoicing and blessing. this sense is sort of a monk saying that he has donated money. a bit like seeing God in heaven, logic itself is problematic.

However, He Yuanjiang didn’t know this.

He heard the opposite party say that it might cost five hundred yuan. with none hesitation, he took out his phone and asked, “Can I scan the QR code to pay?

The old man took out a receipt code that had been printed an extended time ago, and said with a smile: “Come, scan this, WeChat Alipay is

acceptable .” He Yuanjiang hurried to scan the QR code to pay, Ye Chen wanted to prevent him, but after another thought, he Now, a bit like the ants on a hot pot, they can not stop them by themselves, so I didn’t say much, just watched the changes.

Soon, He Yuanjiang’s payment was completed, and therefore the elder’s pocket heard a “Wechat Receipt Five Hundred Yuan” prompt. He smiled with satisfaction and said, “The signature of your signature is. The lights are shining within the sky; there’s a gust of wind and rain for no reason, and therefore the Wanjia lamp turns off the orchestra. The meaning is extremely simple. it’s probably to mention that tonight was originally the Shangyuan Festival. Wanjia’s lights were blown out, and therefore the original festivals of blowing, playing and singing disappeared.”

When it came to the present , he sighed and said, “This is basically the foremost unlucky one. The lottery was drawn. regardless of what you would like to ask, you’ll use four words to summarize it.”

He Yuanjiang asked during a hurry, “Which four words?!” The

old man shook his head and sighed, “‘Everything isn’t good!

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