Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2630-1

Chapter 2630

“Good Uncle

He .” He Yuanjiang was close to leave when he suddenly caught a glimpse of a fortune-telling stall on the side of the road shortly away.

Jinling itself is an ancient city, and most of the people here have the habit of watching fortune-telling, so there are tons of fortune-telling people on the streets and alleys.

If it is the spring season, just find a street within the old city, and there’ll be a fortune-telling booth every ten steps on the side of the road.

additionally , there also are many Daxian’er who are waiting reception for patrons .

this type of massive fairy generally uses the so-called gimmick of inviting the upper body of the gods, specifically to assist people see the image , and sometimes help people to chase away evil spirits.

this type of massive fairy does the foremost work to exorcise evil spirits to the youngsters .

Old people are superstitious that children are going to be frightened once they see unclean things, then cry non-stop, in order that they search for Daxian’er.

Generally speaking, children who don’t believe such things, including some old intellectuals, also are dismissive of such things.

He Yuanjiang originally did an equivalent .

He has been abroad for therefore a few years . If he has never built superstitions, but today his right eye keeps jumping, and his daughter is participating in military operations with the Syrian government forces. he’s really uneasy, so he suddenly moved. The mind of the hexagram.

So he said to Ye Chen: “Ye Chen, if you’ve got something to try to to , please roll in the hay first, I’ll take a glance over there.”

Ye Chen saw that the direction he was pointing at was the fortune-telling booth, so he asked: “Uncle He, does one want to seek out someone to count?”

He Yuanjiang nodded and sighed: “Hey, I now know why everyone has religious beliefs. It must be once I am so helpless now. i actually do not know . What should I do, so I can only pin my hopes on religious beliefs or feudal superstitions, mainly for psychological comfort.”

Ye Chen smiled slightly and said, “I do not have anything important to me anyway, so i will be able to accompany you. .

He Yuanjiang didn’t think much, nodded, and visited the fortune-telling booth with Ye Chen.

At this moment, sitting ahead of the fortune-telling booth was an old man with dark skin, gray hair and beard, and a touch lean.

The old man seemed like he was about 70 or 80 years old, sitting alone ahead of the stall, wiping the beard on his chin without hesitation, with a somewhat immortal aura.

He Yuanjiang came to him. Before he could speak, the old man asked him: “Does this gentleman want to ask good or bad?

He Yuanjiang nodded and said: “I want to invite my daughter to ascertain if she is safe.

The old man hummed and pushed a bamboo tube filled with bamboo sticks over and said, “Come on, thinking of your daughter in my heart, then shake one to sign it out.

He Yuanjiang hurriedly did it, thinking of his daughter in his heart, while shaking the bamboo tube. Dozens of bamboo sticks within the bucket kept protruding together with his shaking, until one among them fell out of the bucket first.

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