Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2629-2

He Yuanjiang’s voice was smoking, and it had been not too early again, so he drank his mouth water and said to him: Oh, what happened to your mother some time past , it’s going to not be possible to end it during a few months. Let me stop here. I still have class within the afternoon, so I even have to travel back early. When

Ye Chen heard this, he said hurriedly: “Okay Uncle He, then I won’t interrupt your work this afternoon.

He Yuanjiang nodded and exhorted: “I know things there, you want to help me pay more attention. Once she has any news, don’t be concerned about how late, you’ve got to inform me the primary time, please. “

Ye Chen agreed without hesitation: “Uncle He rest assured, i will be able to notify you as soon as I even have news!

He Yuanjiang said , “Thank you so hard!” When

the 2 came out of the hotel, He Yuanjiang asked Ye Chen: “Ye Chen, what are your arrangements for the afternoon?

Ye Chen said: “I’ll attend Buckingham Palace and meet someone. “

Ye Chen plans to travel to Buckingham Palace to ascertain Chen Zekai. Since Su Chengfeng wants to seek out out and kill him now, he will certainly produce other tricks. He must take precautions beforehand , and at an equivalent time, he must find opportunities to kill them before the difficulty occurs. numerous places still need Chen Zekai’s cooperation.

He Yuanjiang didn’t think an excessive amount of , and said: “Then i will be able to return to high school first, let’s confine touch!”

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