Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2629-1

Chapter 2629

What made Ye Chen feel a touch surprised was that Su Chengfeng would even search for people that watched principle to research him.

Although the old man said vaguely on the phone just , the key points he mentioned still have very clear directions.

for instance , he said that he’s only liable for reading, calculating, and correcting. this is often the way of a principle master.

The role of a Fengshui master is, during a larger sense, just like the prime minister of the traditional country. He can discover the issues of Jiangshan Sheji and may provide solutions to the issues , but he’s not a military commander, cannot kill people, and can’t lead soldiers to fight.

Perhaps, thousands of individuals will die due to the prime minister’s words, but the prime minister’s own hands are never bloody.

in fact , not all prime ministers in history are honest gentlemen, so in principle masters, there are naturally those that seek wealth and kill lives.

However, in Ye Chen’s view, the old man ahead of him appeared to be persistent.

it had been his attitude that made Ye Chen plan to wait and see for the nonce and let him go.

Otherwise, he will prefer to start first.

Mai Chengxing didn’t know that truth dragon fate he was trying to find was actually within the same restaurant with himself.

Since they arrived early and therefore the food was served early, when Ye Chen and He Yuanjiang first began to eat their food, he and Mike had already settled the bill, and therefore the grandfather and grandson left the restaurant together.

Ye Chen didn’t put an excessive amount of energy on the 2 grandparents, but kept asking He Yuanjiang about his mother’s deeds some time past .

For an extended time, Ye Chen only understood the side of her mother as a wife and mother, but didn’t know what she seemed like on the opposite side.

Now, through He Yuanjiang’s introduction, he can finally make the image of his mother in his memory more three-dimensional.

After eating a meal for quite an hour, He Yuanjiang has been talking endlessly about Ye Chen’s mother An Chengqi’s deeds some time past , and Ye Chen has never tire of listening, and even wished to not go all day, just sitting here and taking note of him. Say.

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