Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2628-3

After touching for half a moment , Su Chengfeng also spoke during a cold tone: “If this is often the case, then Uncle Lau Mai will help me determine who the Shenlong was born, then tell me the name of the opposite person. the remainder won’t i want you to stress about it.”

Mai Chengxing was a touch angry, but quickly suppressed the anger in his heart and said lightly: “Well, if there’s nothing else, i will be able to hang up first.”

Su Chengfeng said coldly: “Uncle Mai, please That’s it.”

Mai Chengxing hung up the phone, and therefore the opposite Mike hurriedly asked: “Grandpa, what is the matter?”

Mai Chengxing sighed and said: “It’s not convenient to mention here. I’ll tell you once I leave . .”

Mike nodded, and stopped asking, bowed his head to eat.

shortly away, Ye Chen, due to his extremely keen senses, had already heard the conversation between Mai Chengxing and Su Chengfeng.

Hearing Mai Chengxing call the opposite party Chengfeng, he knew that Su Chengfeng was on the phone.

during this way, the 2 grandparents were sent by Su Chengfeng to seek out him!

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