Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2628-2

Su Chengfeng Then he asked: “Uncle Mai, are you bound to kill him after you discover him?”

Mai Chengxing’s expression changed, and he said solemnly: “I just promised to see it for you. For the type of thing you said, i’m I don’t skills to try to to it.”

Su Chengfeng said anxiously, “What is that the use of checking alone, but it can’t be solved. Isn’t the result the same? I had a nightmare last night and lost all the copper money for the entire night. Upward, my fucking anxiety is close to be forced out. If i do not get obviate this confidant worry, I won’t be ready to sleep peacefully within the future!”

Mai Chengxing said during a cold tone: “Chengfeng, I only do three things in my life. These three things are watching, calculating, and correcting! to ascertain and calculate is to get problems, and to correct them is to try to to what I can. thanks to assist you improve problem I found, which can not include the type of thing you only said! If you are looking for the type of dirty tricks to try to to things that you simply still find another clever it! “

phone that Su Chengfeng on the top suddenly became silent.

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