Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2628-1

Ye Chen was slightly surprised in his heart, but he didn’t show any clues, but he naturally closed his gaze back.

At this point , Mai Chengxing and Mike didn’t know, the person they were trying to find was sitting shortly behind them.

They came a touch earlier, the food was already ready, and that they had been eating for a short time .

While eating, Mike asked Mai Chengxing, “Grandpa, does one have any preliminary plans to remain in China this time?”

Mai Chengxing shook his head and said, “Let’s take a step, I vaguely feel this subsequent visit to Jinling are going to be an opportunity , so i do not decide to leave until the prospect appears.”

Mike nodded slightly, eager to say something, but checked out the encompassing environment and resisted going back.

At this point , Mai Chengxing’s telephone rang.

He glanced at the screen, saw that Su Chengfeng was calling, and pressed the solution button.

On the phone, Su Chengfeng asked, “Uncle Mai, did you discover out who the dragon was born?”

Mai Chengxing said helplessly: “We have just arrived in Jinling for a couple of hours, so it cannot be so fast.”

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