Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2627-2

Ye Chen smiled: “When my parents were very young, Educate me to not be proud of things and to not grieve with myself, so for me, there’s nothing to adapt to. Just let me accept what I even have come. Whether it’s pampering or eating chaff, it seems to me that it’s all It makes no difference.”

He Yuanjiang said with emotion: “You are really precisely the same as your mother. once we were undergraduates, your mother not only won the complete scholarship by her ability, but she also worked within the restaurant outside the varsity a day . She was also very frugal in food and clothing, and never was extravagant.”

“I remember at that point , at the top of every semester, your mother would use the cash she saved during the semester to travel, and she or he was a backpacker who traveled poorly. At that point , we all thought that your mother’s family conditions must be very poor. Later we learned that the strength of your mother’s family is that the best within the world…”

Ye Chen said with a smile: “I remember her, she is indeed very frugal, she always teaches me the way to economize , to not waste, not even a grain of rice left when eating, and my dad. It’s very similar. the 2 of them even have no pursuit of fabric things.”

He Yuanjiang agreed: “So your mother and your father can get together. once they should be young and frivolous, they’re already out of fabric pursuit and low-level. Interesting, unlike us, once I was young, what i assumed about a day was to form money and collect fame.” With

that, He Yuanjiang stepped into the hotel first and made a please gesture to Ye Chen.

Ye Chen hurriedly followed him in, when the lobby on the primary floor of the hotel was already filled with people.

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