Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2619-2

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2619-2


The rest, whether it is Qin Gang, Wang Zhenggang, Li Tailai, or even Song Wanting, they all have their own business, and Ye Chen can’t let them give up their original career to work for themselves.

    Therefore, Ye Chen’s current self is to recruit as much as possible.

    If there is a strong management team, then it will not only be able to make breakthroughs in ocean transportation, but even in the future, it can expand its business to more areas.

    Ye Chen was eager to try He Yuanjiang’s daughter because he was thirsty for talents.

    After all, this kind of “buy one get one free” is not very common, so you must seize the opportunity if you encounter it.

    But he was also very clear in his heart that He Yuanjiang was definitely not sure to call his daughter around, so he placed his hopes on him.

    If he could persuade his daughter to come to Jinling as he wished, He Yuanjiang would definitely remember his favor in his heart.

    So Ye Chen took out his mobile phone and added He Yuanjiang’s WeChat account, and then He Yuanjiang recommended him a WeChat business card.

    Ye Chen looked at the business card recommended by He Yuanjiang and found that the other party’s nickname was “Little Autumn Isn’t Scared”, and his head was a fat baby boy, clenched his fists, with an expression of working hard to cheer.

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