Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2618-1

 Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2618-1

Your daughter?

    Ye Chen was a little surprised at once.

    At this time, He Yuanjiang introduced: “My daughter is about the same age as you. She just graduated from Stanford Doctorate last year and has been working for Goldman Sachs Capital on Wall Street. I was a little bit rebellious and rebellious. She didn’t listen to what I said.

    Ye Chen couldn’t help asking him: “Professor He, if I want to cooperate with your daughter, can she agree?”

    He Yuanjiang hurriedly said, “I am Isn’t she just persuade her, the domestic economic development momentum is so good now, it is much stronger than the United States and Europe, in terms of development potential, it must be much better than abroad, she is somewhat moved now, but it has a relationship with me. Nervous, so my mouth is very hard, I think if you talk to her, she should agree.

    With that, He Yuanjiang hurriedly added: My daughter dare not say that she is a genius, but she is indeed very spiritual in finance and management. If you can convince him to help you, then I can help her behind her back. At that time, it will be the two of us, father and daughter, helping you do things together, and I will never show up myself, and only make suggestions and do not violate the oath.

    Ye Chen was overjoyed when he heard this.

    It was originally hoped that Professor He would be taken down, but according to this situation, it is definitely impossible for Professor He to directly help.


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