Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2617-3

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2617-3


Ye Chen said, “Professor He, you are serious. You are my mother’s classmate, friend, and my elder. Even if you don’t do anything for me, I will do my best to help you. “

    Ye Chen said, and then said: “Professor He, how about this? Give me your daughter’s contact information, and I will communicate with her to see if she is interested in my work.

    That’s great.” He Yuanjiang slapped his chest and said, “Don’t worry, although I’m a daughter and I’m not very reliable when I get along with me, she is still very, very responsible in doing things, and with my eyes for so many years Judging from this, this girl is indeed an individual talent. If she comes to help you, coupled with my backing support, I believe it will definitely help you to do the transportation business in Shenyang. Therefore, if you persuade her to come to Jinling, I would like to ask you more. Up.

    Ye Chen nodded and said seriously: “Professor He, don’t worry, I will try my best.”

    He Yuanjiang waved his hand hurriedly, and said seriously: “Eh, don’t let Professor He be such a student, let Uncle He

    Ye Chen smile slightly and say :” Okay, Uncle He.

    He Yuanjiang took out his cell phone and said to Ye Chen, “Come on, let’s add a WeChat account. When the matter is finished, I will push her WeChat business card to you. When you add her, don’t say it was recommended by me, just say that you happened to see her. I

    am interested in cooperating with her in depth on papers in financial journals. With that, He Yuanjiang said with some embarrassment: “This girl is a little arrogant, you should praise her a lot. If you can’t find her, this matter It’s half done”

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