Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2616-1


Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2616-1

    He Yuanjiang felt that Ye Chen should have an Emgrand Group and the 10 billion funds in his hands.

    When these two things add up, it is just over 100 billion and nodded, and the possibility of trying to compete with the Ye Family or the Su Family is almost zero.

    Ye Chen smiled slightly at this time and said, “You said Professor He, I still have tens of billions of funds in my hands. Moreover, I have a pharmaceutical company with a good momentum and an annual profit of tens of billions. , It may even exceed 100 billion next year, and it is entirely possible to continue to supply blood for my other projects.”

    He Yuanjiang said in surprise: “You still have a pharmaceutical company with an annual profit of over 10 billion? What is its name?”

    Ye Chen said: “Jiuxuan Pharmaceutical, I wonder if Professor He has heard of it?”

    He Yuanjiang was even more shocked, blurting out, “Is that the company that produces Jiuxuanwei San?!”

    Ye Chen nodded, “Yes, the current core product is Jiuxuanweisan.”

    “My God!” He Yuanjiang exclaimed, “Jiuxuanweisan is now well-known worldwide! My gastrointestinal tract has always had minor problems, and I took it some time ago. Heweisan is ready immediately. In the past, I dared not eat raw, cold, or spicy foods. Now that I have Jiuxuanweisan, it’s nothing like Sichuan cuisine, Hunan cuisine, Yuzhou hot pot, and Japanese cuisine. …”



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