Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2615-2

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2615-2 

“At that time, your mom and your dad had returned to China and gave birth to you. Jobs had just returned to the head of Apple. Everyone felt that Apple didn’t It may turn over, but your mother knew that Jobs was going to raise funds, so she flew over from a long distance and only chatted with Jobs for an afternoon, and then decided to invest money in him.”

    “This kind of forward-looking, more than 99.9% of ordinary people, Put it on the market, you are an absolute master and an absolute strategist!”

    He Yuanjiang smiled slightly and continued: “Even the Rothschild family, which has been in power for two hundred years, is in awe of your mother. You I don’t know how much the Rothschild family hoped to marry the An family back then…”

    Ye Chen nodded slightly, and he finally understood why his father Ye Changying was able to fight the Rothschild family back then. Back.

    In fact, the strength of the Ye family is really not enough in front of the Rothschild family.

    As He Yuanjiang said, the family property created by the Ye Family’s hard work over the years may not be as good as the income that Rothschild could get by investing in a few companies.

    In this situation, the father can resist the pressure of the Rothschild family, and the help and aura of the mother and even the mother’s family must be indispensable.

    At this time, He Yuanjiang looked at Ye Chen and said seriously: “So, I sincerely recommend that you go to the United States to meet your grandpa. If your grandpa is willing to help you, the Su family and the Ye family are not worth mentioning.”

    Ye Chen nodded. , But still very resolutely said: “Thank you, Professor He, but I still don’t plan to see Grandpa. I have never met him a few times. Moreover, after so many years, he may not have any affection for me. , Besides, as you said, he had always been brooding about my mom marrying my dad back then, maybe he didn’t treat me very much.” At

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