Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2614-1

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2614-1

 At that time, Jobs regarded her as a guest of honor, and when the market value of Apple was only several billion U.S. dollars, she used hundreds of millions of dollars in exchange for 10 shares of Apple.”

    “Now, the market value of Apple is more than two trillion U.S. dollars. amounting to over fifteen trillion

    thy mother 10 year investment shares, after a round of dilution and reduction, and now there should be about 6 “

    ” converted into RMB is how much it looks almost nine hundred billion of

    “can you My mother not only invested in Jobs’ Apple, she also invested in her younger brothers at Stanford, Larry, Page.”

    “Larry Page is the founder of Google, Google Search, Google Maps, Android mobile phone system, and The well-known smart Go robot Alpha Dog is a product of this company some time ago.

    “Now the market value of this company is more than one trillion U.S. dollars, and your mother’s venture capital fund holds shares in this company. , More than 10

    “So, the income your mother earned from investing in these two companies has exceeded the sum of all assets of the Ye family. If all the investment income of your mother’s venture capital fund that year is included, the Su family and leaves home together is probably not rivals, let alone the entire settle the asset.

    Ye Chen hearing this, the people have stunned

    many people know or have heard of the miracle of the year the amount of Silicon Valley, Ye Chen is no exception.

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