Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2613-3

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2613-3

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2613-3

 “Owning a bank. It is tantamount to controlling finance, and almost all companies now need to finance and go public through banks.”

    “So, a large family like this will naturally invest in many start-up companies through a large number of venture capital funds, stock funds, and. Listed companies, among the top 500 companies in Europe and the United States that you can see now, almost all have shares in the Rothschild family, but their shareholding structure is very secretive and ingenious, and outsiders can’t see it.

    Having said this, He Yuanjiang said with a look of admiration: “The operating route of Anjia is similar to that of the Rothschild family. So, what exactly your grandpa has; maybe he doesn’t know how much money, so I don’t know how much. .

    “However, I know that the venture capital fund established by your mother in Silicon Valley that year, the size of the entire fund pool exceeded tens of billions of dollars 30 years ago.

    Other funds want to raise so much capital, but I don’t know how many rich people they need to raise . , Even investing in retail investors to raise funds, but all the funds your mother used back then came from Anjia.

    Moreover, over the years of development of Silicon Valley, I believe that most people have heard of it. A large number of Fortune 500 was born here, and a large number of top IT rich were also born here. “

    Google, Apple, Yahoo, Cisco, Oracle, Tesla, and other top high-tech companies have all stepped out of Silicon Valley. “To

    this day, their market value has increased thousands of tens of thousands of times, and the room for incremental increase is extremely huge.

    “Any stockholder, if he bought Apple’s stock 20 years ago, his current income would be more than 300 or nearly four. Hundred times.

    “But did you know that your mother used the venture capital fund she set up to invest in Apple before you were born,

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