Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2613-2

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2613-2 

Ye Chen was stunned, and blurted out: Professor He, my grandpa really has such a strong strength.

    He Yuanjiang seriously said: “Strong is more than being strong. There are huge wealthy families in various countries, one is the Rothschild family in Europe, the other is the Saudi royal family in the Middle East, and the other is the Chinese in the United States

    , settling down.” He said, “You know it’s your mother alone. How much wealth did the Anjia create?

    Ye Chen shook his head and sighed with shame: “You said Professor He, I don’t know much about the grandfather’s family. One is that I was too young back then, although my mother took me a few times. The second grandpa, but I don’t know much about the grandpa. Another thing is that in my impression, the relationship between my mother and my grandpa does not seem to be very good.

    Yes. He Yuanjiang nodded and said: “Back when your mother and your dad came together, and wanted to return to China with him and marry into the Ye family, your grandfather was very dissatisfied because your grandfather didn’t look at the Ye family at all. The Ye family does not deserve to be his in-laws. As he

    said, He Yuanjiang said earnestly: “Actually, your grandfather is not wrong. The Ye family was indeed the same thing back then. Although it was very good in China, it was really impossible to come to the table if it looked internationally.”

    Ye Chen asked curiously: “Then

    He Yuanjiang, who is what kind of industry my grandfather’s family is doing, said with emotion: “Your grandfather’s family does almost everything. You should have a certain amount of business in the industry you can think of. Low-key, they have tens of thousands of companies around the world, but on the surface, these companies have nothing to do with Anjia, and the An family rarely show up on their own. This is the same as the Rothschild family.

    “The Rothschild family’s current industry is not too much to outsiders, but the key is that the Rothschild family has more than one bank and holds many shares in disguised form in many banks.”

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