Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2609-2

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2609-2

 Ye Chen’s voice just fell, He Yuanjiang was already stunned.

    He looked at Ye Chen, shocked to the point that his voice was a little trembling, and asked: “Ye Chen, your surname is your mother, is your surname An

    Yechen can’t help but be shocked.” , Exclaimed: “The professor knows my mother.”

    He He

    Yuanjiang became excited and said: “You are really a Chengqi child. When

    he heard the word “Chengqi”, Ye Chen’s eyes were filled with tears.

    An Chengqi is his mother’s name.

    This name has been missed in his heart for many years, but Ye Chen has almost heard someone mention it for the first time in so many years.


    His mother’s surname is An, she is safe and happy

    The word Chengqi in the name is taken from a sentence in the biography of General Li in the history of Sima Qian: “Peaches

    and plums do not speak, but the next step is to become Qi . The literal meaning is that the peach tree and the plum tree do not speak, but because they will It blooms beautiful flowers and bears sweet fruits, so people will spontaneously walk in front of them and step on a path under them.

    The real meaning is to metaphor a person who is sincere, self-disciplined, and flawless.

    Her character, so she will naturally move and attract others, and be loved and admired by people. Because Ye Chen’s mother is his grandfather’s eldest daughter and the one most loved, the father gave her high hopes, so he gave her He started with An Chengqi, a name with a deep meaning.

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