Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2599

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2599 

Early the next morning. Baidu search:

    The earliest high-speed train sent by the elite from Suzhou to Hangzhou slowly stopped at Jinling Railway Station.

    In the business cockpit, there are two grandparents, one old and one young. These two people are Feng Shui master Mai Chengxing from the United States and his great-grandson Mike.

    When Mike got out of the car, he stretched out his hand to support Mai Chengxing, and asked: “Grandpa, this time we are here in Jinling, do you have a good idea in advance and calculate whether it is good or bad this time. I recommend reading TV//

    Mac He is very clear about his grandfather. He has been seeking stability for so many years, so he has long developed a habit: As long as he is traveling far, he will definitely count the luck and evil before going out.

    Mai Chengxing said in deep thought: “Today’s Yinshi At three quarters, I made a hexagram, but this time the hexagram seemed chaotic and disorderly, and luck and bad luck happened to be half.

    Each accounted for half of the fruit, full of surprise.

    Mike heard of this guitar

    since he was a child, and he has also studied Feng Shui fortune. In fact, Feng Shui fortune is most afraid of calculating the result of half good and bad, because this kind of result is almost no result, and it has no reference significance.

    Fengshui luck is popular because it can measure the focus of everything in the future.

    Because most things in the world are not really divided between good and bad, there will definitely be a gap between good and bad, but some gaps are large and some are small.

    For example, if a businessman wants to invest in a real estate next year, a truly capable Feng Shui master will measure the good or bad of the project for him after a field survey.

    If it can be calculated that the feng shui is auspicious and the success rate is high, the boss can confidently continue to move forward;

    if it can be calculated that the feng shui deviation and the success rate are low, it can also make him act cautiously, and even let him Avoid a big hole.

    However, when people are looking for you, they are asking about good and bad things. You can’t tell him that good and bad are equally divided. What is the point of asking you to do it?

    Therefore, in general, divination and divination account for half of the good and bad results, most of which are incapable and limited.

    Divination equals incomprehension.

    However, he knew very well the great grandfather’s ability, and this result might not be expected in a few decades, so he hurriedly asked: “Grandpa, if it is really mixed, does it mean that everything in Jinling is still unknown?

    Mai Chengxing shook his head: “Everything is in order. The unknown reason is that I can’t see through it. Therefore, I now feel more and more determined that Jinling is an extraordinary place. There must be very good people living here.

    ” For us, this time in Jinling, we may not see the true face of Lushan and return without success; it may also be a great opportunity; it may also accidentally cause a catastrophe.

    “It is the so-called misfortune and blessing. , Good fortune and evil, since we can’t see the future trend, we can only do our own thing with all our heart and do our best if we want to get good results, and don’t do anything that hurts the heavens; this is our ancestors. Said, but do good things and don’t ask about the future.

    As he said, he looked at Mike, and solemnly said: “We are coming to Jinling this time. You must remember to be low-key, low-key and then low-key. When encountering obstacles, you should slowly try to avoid being impatient, and don’t start with anyone. Dispute, do you understand?”

    Mike nodded solemnly and said: Don’t worry, grandpa, I will follow your instructions. “

    ” Ah. “Mai Chengxing nodded slightly.

    He still knows his great-grandson very well. Although he was born in the United States, he received an education in Chinese studies since childhood. He was low-key and humble and never caused trouble. During the

    conversation, the two grandson and grandson have already been out. At the train station, Mike asked, “Grandpa, where do we go for the first stop?”

    Mai Chengxing said firmly: “Wu Donghai’s son went to Jinling University of Finance and Economics where the incident happened. We started looking for clues from there.

    “Okay” Mike said hurriedly: “Then wait a moment, I’ll rent a car across the road.

    “No.” Mai Chengxing waved his hand, took a step forward, stopped a taxi, and asked: “Brother, how much does it cost to run this car for a day? The

    taxi driver thought about it: “It depends on you. I have to pay for gas and tolls where I want to go and how many roads I run.

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