Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2597

 Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2597

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2597

Thinking of the fact that he had never been to the United States, Xiao Changkun unconsciously hated Ma Lan in his heart.

    He sat in the co-pilot and said cursingly: “I have been ruined by Ma Lan’s stinky lady all my life. If it weren’t for her, I must be a top student studying in the United States. Maybe I am also an MIT. When the Harvard professor in the United States

    said this, he complained angrily: “The result is that as soon as he graduated from college, he was completely locked up by Ma Lan, a junk stock, and he has not been able to solve the problem until now.”

    Ye Chenren I couldn’t help but comforted: “Oh, dad, there are some things you can’t just think about in the most optimistic way. You see, although your marriage is not very happy now, at least you are in good health. Think about it from another angle. If you are destined to come to the United States, you will Encountered a car accident, or you will be killed in a shooting when you arrive in the United States. If your mom keeps you in the country, it is tantamount to saving your life in disguise. “

    Xiao Changkun said with a gloomy expression: “You don’t fool me here anymore. When we were young, the education we received was materialism and Marxist theory. We didn’t believe in fate. Back then, we sang a Soviet revolutionary song, “There was never a savior.” I don’t rely on the emperor, I’ve been sturdily destroyed in Ma Lan’s hands in my entire life.

    Ye Chen smiled helplessly and said,

    “Dad, or     let’s

    talk about that He Yuanjiang.”

Xiao Changkun asked angrily, holding his arms. Said: “What he has to say is not that he has a higher degree of education, what is remarkable. In addition, he is a little more handsome, a little better, a little taller, and looks a little younger than me. in addition to this, he was better than what I

    Ye Chen embarrassing, said: “this does not put the inside and outside are accounted for yet

    Xiao Changkun rubbed his temples: What a headache, hey Ye Chen, you said he had a wife and children it

    leaves Chen thought about it, and said seriously: “A man who came out for a run at night, I think he shouldn’t; wife, but he is 55 years old, I think there must be children. According to this analysis, there should be more than one period. Past marriage history, but you should be single right now.”

    When it was finished, Xiao Changkun said dejectedly: “When I saw his look at your Aunt Han, I felt that something was wrong. This guy likes you Aunt Han 80%, and both of them are single. They were still colleagues at the university for many years. His American life experience, and both like sports and exercises. According to this analysis, they are the most suitable to live together. This is nothing fucking with me

    . Xiao Changkun said irritably: You said, he is dignified An MIT professor came to teach at Jinling University of Finance and Economics. Isn’t this sick?

    Ye Chen nodded and smiled: “It’s also a professor of economics and management at MIT, with a high gold content.

    Xiao Changkun asked curiously: “You know MIT

    ” a little bit.

    Ye Chen said seriously: “Massachusetts

    is the world’s first in the past two years, but the strongest in Massachusetts is not economics and management, but science and engineering, electronic engineering, aerospace, etc. The best economic management should be Stanford and Harvard.

    Xiao Changkun asked curiously: “How do you know so clearly? I remember that you have only been in college for one year.

    Ye Chen said casually: “I haven’t eaten pork before, haven’t we seen a pig run?

    Actually, when Ye Chen was very young, he was very cherished by American universities. It

    is not how much he yearns for the United States, but his mother’s childhood He grew up in the United States and graduated from Stanford University.

    Moreover, Stanford University is next to

    Silicon Valley, a famous high-tech industrial base in the United States. Many Silicon Valley Internet giants first studied at Stanford University and then graduated in Silicon Valley. Entrepreneurship.

    Most of the first-generation Silicon Valley entrepreneurs who graduated from Stanford in the early 1990s and worked hard in Silicon Valley were classmates of Ye Chen’s mother. When

    Ye Chen was young, she often heard her mother talk about the characteristics of American universities. Especially Stanford, he often listens to her.

    Ye Chen remembers that when she was five or six years old and followed her mother to visit relatives in the United States, she also took herself to Stanford University to visit.

    Ye Chenxiao Churan reminds you: Seek collection (

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