Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2595

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2595

Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2595

 ), and then it is more convenient to look at.

    The trio followed their reputations and found a middle-aged man with a strong build wearing sports shorts and short sleeves, trotting all the way to the front.

    Ye Chen couldn’t help but look at this middle-aged man. The opponent was almost 1.8 meters tall, his figure was very well-proportioned, and there were muscle lines all over his body, and he looked only in his early forties.

    Moreover, the other party is in such a cold day, wears so little running, and knows that the physical fitness is very good.

    What’s more rare is that this man is very handsome and has a thick short hair, which is really stylish.

    When Xiao Changkun saw this man, he immediately became vigilant, looking at him up and down, but he couldn’t help feeling a little inferior.

    Compared with this man, Xiao Changkun is an ordinary fifty-year-old middle-aged man. He usually does not exercise, let alone fitness, and has no systematic diet and exercise habits. His energy and spirit are far behind.

    Han Meiqing also said with surprise on her face at this time: “Oh, Lao He, why

    are you smiling here at the middle-aged man called Lao He, and said, “Didn’t I come out for a run? I didn’t expect to meet you here. Up. “The

    more Xiao Changkun looked at the other party’s energetic energy, the more jealous he became, and couldn’t help asking: “Mei Qing, this is

    Han Meiqing hurriedly introduced: “Chang Kun, this is my colleague at the University for the Elderly, Lao He, He Yuanjiang old He used to be administered by mit professor, but also recently returned home soon, vice president of Finance at the School of Economics and Management University of Nanking, is also a visiting professor at the University of old age. “

    Ye Chen heard Nanking University of Finance and Economics, the heart can not help myself “Isn’t this the school Qin Aoxue attended?

    After speaking, she said to He Yuanjiang: “Lao He, this is my former college classmate Xiao Changkun, next to his son-in-law Ye Chen. “

    Xiao Changkun asked subconsciously: “What is mit?”

    At this time, He Yuanjiang took the initiative to explain to Xiao Changkun: “This gentleman, mit is the abbreviation of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is an American university.”


    Xiao Changkun’s expression immediately became extremely embarrassed that

    MIT is the top three top universities in the world. Xiao Changkun is also a university student, and of course he has heard of it.

    However, he didn’t know that the abbreviation of Massachusetts Institute of Technology was mit, so he suddenly showed his timidity.

    Looking at this man again, Xiao Changkun felt even more inferior: “I am a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. If you can be a professor at MIT, you must have a Ph.D. degree. But I am just a graduate of Zhongshan University. His rank is one hundred and eight thousand miles worse than that of others, and he looks young because he looks young. Damn, stand face to face with him,

    acting like I am his second uncle. He Yuanjiang saw Xiao Changkun not speaking for a long time and took the initiative. smiled and asked: “Hello Mr. Shaw, I do not know Mr. Shaw now in another job which

    side of the ROK-US Ching introduced:.” Chang Kun he is the executive director of the Association of calligraphy and painting, calligraphy hobby old university team often have to interact with them

    he Yuanjiang Nodded, and smiled: “I didn’t expect Mr. Xiao to be in the calligraphy and painting circle. I actually like calligraphy very much. I used to practice some days, but now I am busy with work, so I have no time to take care of it. If I have the opportunity, I must talk to Xiao more. Mr. learning to learn.

    Xiao Changkun didn’t expect this guy’s academic qualifications and background to be so good. He was so humble and felt that he had lost a lot of meaning at once. He said, “Oh, this, don’t worry, there will be opportunities in the future.”

    After finishing speaking, he deliberately looked down at the Rolex on his wrist and said, “Brother He, it’s a bit late today. We have to go first, sorry.”

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